5 principals of engagement marketing: engage consumers where they are

By Uwear

Recently, Business Review Australia's sister site Business Review USA featured the five principles of engagement marketing based on the e-book by Marketo, which “(helps) marketers master the art and science of digital marketing.” Principle one is to engage people based on what they do. Number two is behaviors. Number three is engage people continuously over time. Number four is to engage people directed towards an outcome.

Principle 5: Engage consumers where they are

You may not have noticed, but there are now two universes we inhabit. There is reality, the space before the "Digital Age," and there is virtual reality, or cyberspace, which is the space created by the invention of the internet. Just as in “reality,” where humanity created channels of interaction: home, work, the bus, the movie theater, the mall, church, the park and so forth, people traversed through all of these spaces seamlessly and business learned to capitalize on opportunities to deliver their message. Humanity has created numerous channels in virtual reality. These channels include email, websites, Instagram, laptops, tablets and so forth. Humanity travels continuously between reality and virtual reality, inhabiting each compartment within those realities as easily as water itself flows across space. The moral of this story is not new and can be summed up with the phrase, “don’t put all your eggs in one basket,” or for that matter, two, three, four of those baskets. Instead, have an egg—your marketing message and call to action—in every basket.

“Marketing is no longer about being ‘multi-channel’, [eggs in a lot of baskets]; it’s about beingomni channel, [an egg in each basket],” asserts Marketo.

As an engagement marketer, however, having an egg in each basket is only one third of your assignment. The second third is to offer a call to action and the last third is to unify your message to keep the customer engaged.

“If you start a conversation with a customer on one channel, you should continue that conversation when she navigates to another. If, for example, she watches a video on your Facebook page, you wouldn’t want to show her the same video on your website,” advises Marketo.

This article concludes Business Review Australia's series on the five principles of engagement marketing. We hope that these summaries have helped inform your assessment of engagement marketing and its relevance to your enterprise.

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