TFAHK appoints advisory board to drive FinTech development

By Georgia Wilson
Tencent Finance Academy, Hong Kong (TFAHK) appoints an advisory board supporting FinTech development in the Greater Bay Area...

In an announcement made by Tencent Finance Academy, Hong Kong (TFAHK), the company reported the formation of its advisory board. Built up of leaders, industry experts, governments and academics, the new advisory board aims to support FinTech talent development, as well as advise on the overall regional strategy and foster sustainable growth in the Greater Bay Area.

"One of Tencent Finance Academy's goals since its establishment is to meet the long-term development needs of the financial industry in the Greater Bay Area. We proudly welcome our advisors, comprised of esteemed professionals, thought leaders and industry experts from various related sectors, to ensure that TFAHK continues to make a significant and beneficial impact on the sustainable growth of the FinTech industry,” commented Jim Lai, Vice President of Tencent, Chairman of Fusion Bank, and Dean of Tencent Finance Academy (Hong Kong).

"On behalf of my fellow members of the newly formed TFAHK advisory board, we highly look forward to exploring the synergies with TFAHK and will strive to bring our experiences, insights and expertise through different forms of involvement and collaboration, in order to foster the FinTech development and global economic development in the Greater Bay Area,” added Dr the Hon. Moses CHENG, GBM, GBS, JP. 

As part of its efforts TFAHK has achieved many key milestones since being established in 2018. In particular, TFAHK has established a strategic collaboration with the University of Hong Kong to drive fintech research, talent development and expand the FinTech Talent Nurturing Programme to the Greater Bay Area.

Looking forward to 2021, TFAHK - alongside its advisory board - will explore new opportunities to expand its targets to not only focus on current university students but recent graduates and returning overseas students too.

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