VMWare finds lacking digital employee experiences are limiting modern business outcomes

In its global Digital Employee Experience study, VMWare, a subsidiary of Dell Technologies, has found that cutting-edge digital resources enable employees to positively impact business outcomes.

The survey, with 1,600 respondents from China, Singapore, Japan and Australia, found that there is a disparity between employees and employers in the perception of digital experience as a driver of business, with 95% of the former agreeing that digital tools are integral to success compared with 46% of the latter.

VMWare said that the findings are emblematic of the need for IT and HR to collaborate more closely through digital transformation initiatives to ensure that employees are empowered by the application of digital technologies to the greatest degree. 

In Singapore, where technology and digital transformation have already been extremely impactful, 52% of surveyed employees believe that decision-makers lack understanding of their needs, 47% believe there to be a lack of technical skills necessary for digital success, and 33% lament a lack of senior support.

“Almost eight in ten Singaporeans are now online and as Singapore continues to go full steam ahead with its smart nation push, it is imperative for organizations to prioritize the digital employee experience today so the workforce is well-equipped to keep up with the digital economy of tomorrow,” said Adrian Hia, Country Manager of VMWare Singapore, in the company’s press release. 


He continued: "Modern management is essential to today's digital workspaces as organizations transition from traditional management approaches, older operating systems and legacy applications.

"VMware is committed to helping organizations close the digital experience gap by taking modern management to the next level and deliver the flexibility and seamless experiences that employees are increasingly seeking for at work. With these, organizations can maximize the benefits of their transformational efforts and attract top talent in the competitive job market."

In the press release, VMWare said there are three core factors that should be prioritised by enterprises looking to develop effective digital workplace platforms:

1. Modernise Management: embracing diversity of skills and platforms, automating management and security capabilities, and leveraging intelligent technologies to augment platforms with increased efficiency

2. Implicit Trust from Device to Network: leveraging tech to secure any device or platform connected to a network

3. Enhance Employee Experience & Productivity Across More Apps and Devices: embrace intuitive and secure productivity apps that enable seamless access to enterprise materials


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