Total Solar DG enters the Vietnamese market

By William Girling
The Asian branch of French energy company Total Solar has announced a new project in Vietnam, the first such endeavour on its books...

The Asian branch of French energy company Total Solar has announced a new project in Vietnam, the first such endeavour on its books.

Total Solar DG (Distributed Generation) will be partnering with Taiwanese company Ching Luh Group (CLG) on the creation of a 3.2 MW rooftop solar PV installation on two of the latter’s Vietnam-based facilities.

CLG, a global leader in athletic footwear, will distribute the capacity separately as a 1.2 MW facility and 2 MW facility respectively. Part of a 12-year contract period wherein the company seeks to mitigate 19,000 tonnes of CO2, the project will be part of CLG’s overall sustainability initiative.

Breaking new ground

This announcement marks a new chapter in Total Solar DG’s history as it continues to build on the foothold it has established in the APAC region since 2018.

Now with a portfolio spread across seven countries in the area, including China and India, Total’s solar generating capacity has reached 17 GWh annually. Following the completion of the CLG project later in 2020, that capacity will increase by 4.4 GWh.

Other notable developments in APAC for the company include Bolloré Logistics’ Green Hub in Singapore, a 1 MW (1.3 GWh) solar PV installation mitigating 11,500 tonnes of CO2 and a 62,000 panel, 25 MW project for Betagro Group.

Driving solar power in APAC

“Adopting renewable energy by going solar reinforces CLG’s ‘Make It Right’ philosophy,” said David Wang, Group Facility Management Head of CLG

“This emphasises environmental awareness, quality and maximising shareholder value as part of our corporate mission. Total Solar DG plays a vital role, enabling us to reduce carbon emissions, be more self-sufficient in our power needs and lower our operating costs.”

Gavin Adda, CEO of Total Solar DG Southeast Asia, added, “This is a win-win for RE100 brands (influential brands dedicated to renewable energy), their outsourced manufacturing partners such as CLG and governments seeking to improve energy security.

“Total Solar DG continues to be the partner of choice for global RE100 brands seeking to drive sustainability commitments through their supply chains. For manufacturing groups, Total Solar DG drives down power costs over the long term and improves budgeting.

“Meanwhile, Vietnam can reduce the strain on power transmission networks with co-located, clean solar power. Vietnam looks set to become one of the largest solar rooftop markets in the region.”


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