Telstra set to launch 5G devices in first half of 2019

By Sarah Smith

Communications giant Telstra has announced that its customers will be the first in Australia to be offered the opportunity to leverage emergent 5G technology, with its first handsets set to launch by the end of June 2019

In a post on Telstra Exchange, CEO Andrew Penn noted that 2019 will be the year of the 5G revolution for consumers and that a series of partnerships with some of the world’s largest smartphone manufacturers will place Telstra customers at the forefront of its rollout.

While Penn did not elaborate on more specific details regarding release dates and with whom these partnerships have been struck, he did add that some of these deals would see certain handsets available exclusively through Telstra in the Australian market.

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Telstra has been extremely busy with regards to the launch of 5G.

The firm has launched its 5G network in every major Australian city, established the country’s first-ever connection between a 5G chipset and network, and has partnered with companies including HTC, Qualcomm and Ericsson to develop 5G-ready devices and expand network coverage.

Telstra also released its predictions for 2019’s top tech trends, with 5G technology being the common thread unifying each innovation the firm expects to see at the top of the industry over the course of the year.


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