Telstra launches NaaS platform as part of continued product simplification strategy

By Sarah Smith

Australian telecommunications giant Telstra has launched its network as a service (NaaS) solution for enterprise customers

In a post on Telstra Exchange, Executive of Product Engineering Karim Nejaim lauded the solution’s release as a significant step forwards for the firm’s T22 transformation aimed at improving its product offering through simplification and refinement.

The NaaS solution enables users to connect to and reap the benefits of Telstra’s network, whilst also accelerating the rate of delivery for the firm’s network innovations.

By establishing a catalogue of reusable systems and building blocks, developers can leverage this bank of rsources to develop new products and services more efficiently.

Guy Lupo, Head of Networks as a Service 2020, said in Nejaim’s post that one of Telstra’s main aims with its NaaS solution is to broaden the uptake of standard Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) across both Telstra and the industry itself.

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“The ability to expose network services, decoupling the integration with IT systems using standard APIs and no resource knowledge is what every service providers strive for,” he said.

This standardization of APIs would enable Telstra to broaden its network service offerings far more quickly, Nejaim said in the post.

“NaaS is truly transformation to our plans to lead the market and change the way our customers buy and consume our services.”


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