Smart WFM launch new workforce management software, Apitome

By Prateek V

Apitome is a cloud-based data management platform that enables employers and staff through visualised data on operational efficiency

Apitome, a software suite tailored towards monitoring and collating data in relation to workforce processes, was launched at the US HR Technology Conference, opening in Las Vegas on 1 October, by Smart WFM, a management consultancy based in Australia.

With the digital renaissance altering the way modern businesses must approach workflows, the tools available have become more complex and diverse. This software will enable strategic forward planning of operational efficiency by giving users a visibility of cost, productivity and compliance across its workforce.

Apitome is a plug-and-play software suite that can be quickly implemented into a business’ ongoing projects with minimal disruption. The platform is designed to allow businesses to make the most of their workforce capital through empowering HR and personnel to continually evolve and mature. The data collected is made visible to all levels of staff so that people can better identify and understand the risks and cost involved in everyday processes.

“Apitome epitomises business software that enables organisations to quickly see what impact workforce changes may have on their business, based on their own actual business data,” said Jarrod McGrath, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Smart WFM.

“Only seven per cent of organisations worldwide know how to manage their workforces effectively and only eight per cent believe their business model will remain economically viable,” said McGrath, speaking of research performed by Ventana Research and McKinsey, respectively. “This is extraordinary; businesses should be able to show stakeholders, from investors to frontline employees, how a workforce plan will benefit a business and those very stakeholders.”


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 “Productivity is an effective and widely-used measure of economic growth,” said McGrath. “Businesses are realising that empowering people to make informed decisions enables a more entrepreneurial mindset within the business leading to improved people and brand retention. Businesses need to invest in their people technologies and empower their HR teams to deliver programs that meet the requirements of the digital age, enable transparency and provide measurable outcomes.”


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