A Morning Coffee May Extend Your Life

By Bizclik Editor

The results are in: according to the largest study of coffee and how it impacts health, researchers discovered that those who indulge in a morning long black may enjoy a longer life.

Commissioned by the US National Institutes of Health and AARP back in 1995, the study involved 402,260 AARP members ranging from 50-71 years of age:

-          Approximately 42,000 drank no coffee over the course of the study.

-          Approximately 15,000 drank six or more cups per day.

-          Most participants averaged 2-3 cups per day.

The study determined that men who had 2-3 cups per day were 10 per cent less likely to die “at any age,” while this figure was 13 per cent in woman.

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The daily drinkers were less affected: a six per cent risk of death in men and five per cent in women. A women’s best bet was to consume up to 4-5 cups per day, which more than tripled the figure to 16 per cent less risk.

While the study did not conclude that coffee is an alternative to a generally healthy lifestyle, it suggested that the compounds it contains – such as antioxidants and caffeine – provided additional benefits to Arabica enthusiasts.

According to The Australia’s reporting, researchers conceded that their results "provide reassurance with respect to the concern that coffee drinking might adversely affect health.”


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