Landmark and FluroSat partner to improve agronomic data

By Richard Blank

Australian agriculture expert and provider of chemical, livestock and rural services, Landmark, is partnering with crop health analytics startup FluroSat.

Integrating FluroSat’s FluroSense technology with its Echelon programme, Landmark says the partnership will help to augment decision making and allow growers to consistently produce more grain, as well as improve the agronomy services it provides to farmers, growers and agronomists.

“At its core, FluroSense helps farmers to begin to make better informed decisions by utilising data gathered with incredible accuracy,” said Anastasia Volkova, CEO of FluroSat. “This allows farmers to make small savings per hectare, which can result in a massive difference at scale. For the first time, farmers can accurately measure the impact of different nitrogen levels across their crop. They’ll be able to then apply the right amount of fertiliser at the right place in order to get the best possible yields, and also not waste fertiliser where it won’t make a major difference.”


The data is gathered via satellite and drone sensors, and can be used by agronomists and growers to inform critical decisions.

Daniel Bell, Precision Agriculture Training Lead at Landmark, said: “Being able to make quick and informed decisions based off in season imagery can sometimes be challenging at best. With imagery at the crux of FluroSat’s solutions, the team have developed a platform that allows for quick decision making of in season nitrogen fertiliser with the assistance of APSIM modelling. Not only do we think this will add value to our clients on farm, but we hope that the anomaly detection through in season imagery will help make our agronomists more efficient in the field and allow us to be proactive to problems that arise, rather than being reactive.

“At Landmark we see the integration with FluroSat and Echelon as adding another layer to our toolbox of agronomy services. Our talented team are continually finding ways to help improve our digital offering and we see FluroSat as a key partner in this going forward."


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