Hyundai joins H2 Energy to introduce 1,000 fuel cell electric trucks to Swiss commercial market

Korean automotive manufacturer Hyundai has announced a partnership with Swiss hydrogen company H2 to develop and launch 1,000 fuel cell electric trucks to the Swiss commercial market between 2019 and 2023
H2 specializes in the production and supply of hydrogen in Switzerland, and has subsidiaries in Germany, Norway, and Austria.
The vehicles will be the first commercialized fuel cell electric trucks in the world, and will have a range of around 400km “in real-life driving conditions” according to Hyundai’s statement.
Hyundai’s Tucson Fuel Cell was the world’s first fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) to enter mass production, launching in 2013, and released the Nexo FCEV in 2018.
The firm’s statement said that the truck will meet European regulations, and will feature “a new 190kW hydrogen fuel cell system with two fuel cell systems connected in parallel, also a feature of NEXO”.
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“It is expected to deliver a single-fueling travel range of approximately 400km, and in order to secure sufficient range, eight large hydrogen tanks are being compactly installed, utilizing areas such as between the cabin and the rigid body”.
Hyundai said that the move is in response to growing demand for eco-friendly vehicles, particularly as governments around the world enforce new policies aimed at reducing CO2 emissions.
In comparison to battery-based powertrain technology, hydrogen fuel cell technology “saves space and reduces weight as well as being more cost efficient to apply as the vehicle size increases”.

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