Huawei Cloud launches data centre operations in South Africa

Huawei Cloud, the cloud business arm of Chinese tech firm Huawei, announced on 15 November that it has become the first cloud service provider to open local data centre operations in South Africa 

The facility will enable firms within South Africa and neighbouring countries to leverage Huawei Cloud’s secure, reliable, low-latency cloud services including Elastic Cloud Server (ECS), Elastic Volume Service (EVS), and Object Storage Service (OBS).

“Huawei has been operating in Africa for 20 years, contributing to social and economic development and enriching African people's lives with its ICT solutions and services,” said Li Peng, President of Huawei Southern Africa, in the firm’s statement.

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“South Africa is one of the most diverse and promising emerging markets globally with tremendous potential. With cloud services, we are aiming to unleash the latent capacity by introducing cloud computing, one of key engines drive the growth in this era.”

Amazon Web Services, a subsidiary of ecommerce giant Amazon, announced in October that it has plans to open data centres in South Africa, forming a new infrastructure region across three availability zones.

“Looking forward, Huawei Cloud's innovative technologies and services, such as cloud computing and artificial intelligence, will help African governments, carriers, and enterprises in a variety of industries such as finance, energy, agriculture, to leapfrog to a fully-connected, intelligent era," added Edward Deng, Vice President of Huawei Cloud.


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