Doing business with China: New association to help boost bilateral investment

By Addie Thomes

The Australia China SME Association has been formed with one purpose: to help SMEs across Australia reach out to China.

According to David Thomas, the association’s Founder and President, “China will become a puzzle for every entrepreneur, investor and business leader throughout the world”.

“The key role of the Association is to support Australian businesses to do business in China and to act as a bridge between SMEs in both countries to create meaningful relationships, friendships and business opportunities.”


China is in the midst of a multi-industry transformation, investing heavily in science and technology, research and development, clean technology, and high-value manufacturing.

Thomas explained the sort of work the new association will be doing to help Australian businesses take full advantage: “The Association also runs conferences and hosts delegations from China to support and facilitate Australian SMEs to consult with potential business partners.

“This gives Australian SMEs an opportunity to get a taste of the sort of cross-culture transactions that could occur. We also lead missions to China for Australian SMEs to capture the essence of Chinese culture and the possibilities available for their business.

“As China expands further and starts to disrupt industries in other countries, everyone will be hungry for knowledge, skills and guidance in their dealings with China.”

After spending almost a decade in Hong Kong running his own financial planning business, Thomas returned to Australia with an insight into the Asia Pacific region.

More information on the new venture can be found at:


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