Aomaijia opens door to new e-commerce opportunities in China

By Prateek V

Aomaijia, the fastest developing e-commerce platform in China takes five Australian companies on board, in a new agreement.

Aomaijia claims to have developed the most integrated e-commerce platform in China. It allows consumers to purchase overseas-manufactured products as well as have the ability to source brands directly from the supply chain, sales channels and consumer delivery, cutting down on delivery times whilst increasing the chances a product will be available. Established in 2015 in Guangdong, the platform launched in 2016 and by 2019 it’s consumer base had grown by over 200%, with now more than 30 million registered users across three digital platforms.

The company is now able to cement its status as one of the fastest growing e-commerce platforms in the country with a new deal signed between five Australian companies; Sukin, Kids Smart, Nestle Australia, and TASMAN UGG. Swisse and Blackmores are already available on the platform and add their names to a list that comprises more than 100,000 product lines across 3,000 brands.

"Even though most of our sales go through digital channels we are not simply an online mall. Other online trading platforms allow overseas companies to connect very quickly with millions of Chinese consumers; but they have significant limitations. The biggest drawback is that online malls sell many products through second-hand agents who may or, in many cases, may not be appointed by product producers. They generate sales but the trade-off is a loss of control in branding, distribution and retail pricing."


China has managed get an edge over its two main online retail competitors, Taobao and T-Mall, by offering a catalogue where 90% of the products are made outside of China. Consumers have easy access to delivery tracking services across its entry into China all the way to its point of sale. This instils a sense of confidence from consumers and allows the market within China to have easy access to global products.

From a brand’s point of the view, the service grants a stable and sophisticated platform, Aomaijia offers supply chain financing and management, technical services and the tailoring and improvement of customer relationship management solutions, such as the tracking mentioned earlier. Brands will also have a much stronger hand in the presentation of their products and cultivation of their brand identity under the e-commerce platform.

"The Aomaijia platform was created to give suppliers, like those in Australia, control of their branding in China but also control over distribution, sales volumes and ultimately their profits," said Aomaijia CEO Ms Liu.


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