Airbnb supports NSW home sharing regulation

By Harry Allan

The New South Wales (NSW) Government has just announced its decision to support home sharing and has moved into the final stage of consultation in creating regulations for the state. Airbnb has signalled its support for this legislation. 

Sam McDonagh, Airbnb Country Manager for Australia, said: "We welcome the NSW Government’s decision to support innovation and home sharing, and to move to the final stage of consultation about balanced regulations in this state.

“Yesterday’s announcement, which supports the parliamentary committee’s report and recommendations, is a strong, positive step towards ensuring fair and progressive rules and regulation for residents and visitors to NSW who make the most of home sharing.

He also highlighted that Airbnb will continue to work with the state Government and stakeholders to help provide certainty to NSW residents, while adhering to short term rental regulations that are easy to understand.

“The NSW Government is absolutely right in making moves to crack down on bad behaviour,” he asserted. “We will happily stand beside them to support regulations which ensure people’s rights to respectfully and responsibly share their homes are protected.”

“What we’ve heard loud and clear from NSW residents who list their homes or book Airbnb listings for their travel, is that they love the range of choice, availability and affordability Airbnb provides,” he added. “Home sharing through Airbnb expands accommodation supply beyond the traditional hotel hubs, increases availability during peak travel periods, reduces visitor accommodation costs, and gives consumers a “live like a local” experience unlike anywhere else.”

He highlighted that in the last year, Airbnb guests contributed more than $750 million to local businesses across the NSW are which, he claimed, supported more than 4,450 local jobs. “Yesterday’s announcement is a step closer to continuing this economic growth and diversifying tourism across the state,” he added.

“With the vast majority of NSW listings located outside traditional hotel districts, our guests live like locals, spending money at neighbourhood cafes, shops and restaurants not normally visited by tourists,” he added. “In fact, in 2015-16, around half of the 40,000 Airbnb listings in NSW were outside the greater Sydney region and located in neighbourhoods across regional NSW. This includes listings in popular Airbnb guest destinations such as Byron Bay, Nowra, Newcastle and Wollongong.

“We appreciate that these things take time and that it’s important to get the balance right. We’re confident that Premier Berejiklian and the NSW Government will join the state Governments in Tasmania and South Australia, in embracing home sharing, and introduce fair regulations that allow more people in NSW to share their extra space,” he concluded. 

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