60 executives from New Zealand businesses have joined the Climate Leaders Coalition

By Galia Ilan

Chief Executive Officers from 60 companies in New Zealand have formed the Climate Leaders Coalition that aims to shape the nation as a low-emissions economy.

Firms such as Air New Zealand, Westpac, Ports of Auckland, and Fonterra has all joined the initiative, along with KiwiRail, Spark, and Freightways.

The CEO of Z Energy, Mike Bennetts, is the convener of the coalition. He noted that separately each firm had been working towards emission reductions, but collectively the organisations would have more power.

“Those in the coalition will start to share ideas and each has committed to go back to their [company's] supply chains and work with suppliers on actions that reduce carbon intensity on our activities,” the CEO stated.

The firms have all committed to following the targets set by the Paris Climate Agreement, as well setting their own environmental goals to report back on.


 “Those are all really important commitments I think all of New Zealand needs to make. We as business leaders are prepared to make those on behalf of our employees and shareholders.”

Collectively the CEOs have written and signed a Climate Change Statement, pledging to monitor greenhouse gas emissions and work with suppliers to meet goals.

“When it comes to emissions, customers want to know what the businesses they are shopping at are doing,” Bennetts continued.

“It will come down to individual customers and their connection with these individual companies.”

“We are aligned around the statement and aligned around being held accountable for the words we put on there but each company will take its own specific interests in this space and still be consistent with the commitments we have made.”


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