Tech innovation: Huawei launches new CLOUD Stack

By William Girling
A recent press release details that Chinese multinational tech company Huawei has launched its new CLOUD Stack solution to boost its market presence. C...

A recent press release details that Chinese multinational tech company Huawei has launched its new CLOUD Stack solution to boost its market presence.

Capable of laying the foundations for high-tech IT infrastructure, Huawei’s new product combines its extensive industry expertise with best-in-class design and hardware. 

Boasting seamlessly integrated and specialised technology, the company claims its solution can easily out-perform similar devices constructed from generic components. 

Constructed with an open architecture, the CLOUD Stack features a suite of desirable features, including:

  • Cloud migration capabilities

  • Easily adaptable for virtualisation, private, public, local and hybrid cloud

  • A comprehensive ecosystem of industry-specific solutions developed by over 300 independent software vendors in partnership with Huawei

  • Full-lifecycle services, including evaluation, migration, optimisation, IaaS, PaaS and DaaS

Investing in the future

With this latest development, Huawei is hoping that its profile will ascend to greater heights in the government and enterprise market, within which it has been investing heavily. The company’s ultimate aim is to become a first choice provider.


"In this age of new infrastructure, computing power has become a new source of productivity; data is the new raw material,” said Zheng Yelai, VP at Huawei and President of HUAWEI CLOUD.

“Cloud, AI, and 5G are the new tools of production, and a new digital infrastructure is injecting momentum into digital transformation. Cloud services are the only way forward for the smart upgrade of government and enterprise organizations. 

“Leveraging a wealth of experience in the industry, along with their experience with digital transformation, HUAWEI CLOUD has released the HUAWEI CLOUD Stack, aiming to accelerate digitalisation and intelligent upgrade of government and enterprise organizations alike."

The challenges of upgrading

The ‘smartification’ of services, infrastructure and devices is an ongoing trend across the world. However, it could be said that there are four obstacles still to overcome - all of which Huawei is actively trying to countenance:

  1. Some enterprise IT systems are still inefficient or ‘legacy’ predecessors of modern equipment. Cloud computing is very often the first step to rectifying this and pursuing a more high-tech approach to operations.

  2. The diversity of industries necessitates an open ecosystem of applications capable of accommodating them.

  3. Data needs to be stored as locally as possible for security purposes.

  4. Businesses need quick and easy access to Operations and Maintenance (O&M) services.

Delivered in integrated cabinets with preinstalled hardware and software, CLOUD Stack is capable of being deployed in less than 24 hours. This product marks the exciting continuation of Huawei’s synergies of cloud, AI and 5G technologies.

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