Inside Apple and Deloitte's new partnership

By Harry Allan

Apple and Deloitte recently announced a partnership that will transform the way Australians do business. With the need for innovative solutions growing ever pressing in an increasingly competitive and globalised business environment, solutions such as these can make all the difference.

The partnership will enable forward-looking companies to quickly transform the way they work. This will be achieved in two key ways – through streamlined hardware use and through an innovative new product the two majors worked on together to develop.

Strategic advice

Deloitte is creating the first ever Apple practice which will see over 5,000 strategic advisors dedicated to helping business integrate and maximise the potential of the iOS system, specifically focusing on power management, ease-of-use, and security through iPhone and iPad. Leaders from a variety of businesses will be able to exploit this new knowledge-base, particularly those working in retail, field services, R&D, inventory management, and back-office systems.

Unique solutions

Apple and Deloitte are also working on developing a completely new service offering. Deloitte Consulting’s EnterpriseNext solution is designed to help clients take advantage of the iOS ecosystem of hardware, software, and services in the workplace. Customers will be able to exploit the diverse, next-generation capabilities afforded by Apple’s ecosystem through rapid prototyping and timely, impact-assessed planning.

Punit Renjen, CEO of Deloitte Global says: “We know that iOS is the best mobile platform for business because we’ve experienced the benefit ourselves with over 100,000 iOS devices in use by Deloitte’s workforce, running 75 custom apps.

“Our dedicated Apple practice will give global businesses the expertise and resources they need to empower their mobile workforce to take advantage of the powerful ecosystem iOS, iPhone, and iPad offer, and help them achieve their ambitions, while driving efficiency and productivity.

“As the leader in digital transformation strategy, Deloitte is an ideal partner that brings a team of Apple-dedicated strategic advisors to help clients truly revolutionize how they work using iOS, iPhone, and iPad,”

Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO adds: "iPhone and iPad are transforming how people everywhere get work done. And through this partnership, we’re able to help even more businesses tap into the incredible capabilities that only the Apple ecosystem can deliver."

Both global companies in every sense of the word, Apple and Deloitte’s partnership represents a turning point for business in Australia and beyond. Apple’s products have a well-deserved reputation for delivering optimised performance – no matter what industry they are tasked with serving. Similarly, Deloitte’s track record for management consultancy frequently places it in an advisory role alongside governments and world-leading companies. The match could not be better. Now it remains for Australian businesses to test out the solutions in the field and reap the benefits. 

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