Geek+ & eStore Logistics to implement AMRs in Australia

By Georgia Wilson
Geek+ and eStore Logistics partner to implement AMRs in Australia...

Geek+ - a global AMR leader - has been selected by eStore Logistics, to provide smart logistics solutions for the leading 3PL ecommerce fulfilment organisation in Australia, for two of its new state of the art centers.

As part of the partnership the company will deploy over 200 of Geek+’s AMRs by the end of 2021. The solutions will allow retailers of all sizes to keep up with growing customer expectations and take advantage of the ecommerce boom in Australia.

Serving Australia’s leading online retailers, eStore Logistics required a technology partner that could support its multi customer business flexibly, meet rapidly changing SKUs and enable retailers to improve their fulfillment performance and maintain profitability.

By harnessing Geek+’s ‘Goods-to-Person System’ - empowered by Geek+’s smart algorithms and P-series warehouse robots the company strives to eliminate redundant walking, improve picking accuracy, and reduce labor intensity. 

The AI system utilises robot task management, combined with order optimisation, inventory management, dynamic wave optimisation, and inventory layout adjustments to drive efficiency.

"We are proud that eStore Logistics chose Geek+ for what has become the largest ever implementation of AMRs in Australian e-commerce. By choosing Geek+, eStore can take advantage of our AI-driven AMRs to optimize warehouse operations, flexibly meet changes in demand, and empower retailers regardless of size with better and faster customer service,” commented Lit Fung, Vice President of APAC, UK and the Americas at Geek+.

Since the start of the implementation, eStore Logistics has reported a fourfold increase in efficiency in addition to faster order fulfilments and for some capacity optimisation has led to a 30% reduction in logistics costs.

As a result, eStore Logistics expects to see a payback in under five years due to the flexibility provided, which allows the company to scale and mitigate against risks associated with swift changes in SKUs and rapid growth demands.

"We chose Geek+ AMR solutions because it provided the highest flexibility, lowest CapEx outlay and the fastest return on investment. Other systems we looked at had, at best, a five to seven-year payback whilst offering less flexibility benefits. By making this technology available to retailers of all sizes, we're enabling them to improve their fulfillment performance without a significant upfront investment, bringing state-of-the-art logistics fulfillment to any company that wants to take advantage of the significant e-commerce growth we see here in Australia,” added Leigh Williams, eStore Logistics founder and managing director.

Geek+ looks forward to continuing to provide AMR-driven smart logistics solutions and work with eStore Logistics in the future, in order to enable fast and agile order-fulfillment as well as supporting e-commerce retailers across Australia.

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