Future of Cloud Computing in 2013 & Beyond

By Bizclik Editor


Written by Philip Richards


Initial use of the cloud computing services was led by businesses when they started to use it as a data backup tool and for archiving files. Then they started using it for operations that were less critical like web hosting, testing and development. But those were the early days of cloud computing and technology has transformed drastically from that point. Now the demand of cloud computing services by individual users is increasing. This is giving birth to several new uses for cloud computing, which are garnering a great reception from users.


What can we expect from Cloud Computing in 2013 and beyond?

#1. Mobile Cloud Computing

The number of mobile phones users with smartphones is increasing at a phenomenal pace. With the increase in the number of smartphones users we will also witness an increase in the number of mobile website visitors. There is a limitation to the volume of data that can be stored on smartphones, so to overcome this hurdle operators, developers and end users will turn to cloud computing solutions that will be specifically designed to service the needs of smartphone users. There will be applications that will give simple and fast access to applications and data as and when it will be required by smartphone users. Indeed some businesses are already acknowledging the need for mobile cloud storage.

#2. Better Speed & Bandwidth

The very purpose of the cloud computing is to de-centralize the work environment thus giving you the freedom of working from anywhere. It also to gives you access to relevant data in the least amount of time. This is why in the coming years any cloud computing firm that wants to survive in this industry must be able to provide the services, which are not only reliable, but are available at ever increasingly high speeds. Already Google has given a glimpse of the change which will dominate the market, which is high-speed data connection. Google Fiber has started providing gigabit connections at affordable prices. This will stretch the other companies to live up to the expectations of the people.

#3. Software Application as a Service (SaaS)

As the speed of internet connections increase in the coming years more and more software will start providing other services through cloud computing. Adobe's Creative Cloud for example, is giving all its users access to all the adobe applications and many more features, allowing uses to work from any part of the world without compromising on the quality of the final product.

#4. Private Cloud Computing

There will be more and more companies that will be opting for private cloud computing services. This will be because the consumer will get a customized and secured service at competitive prices. This is why the business of providing private cloud services will get a big boost in the future due to the high demand and most likely at a higher cost or even just as their USP.


The I.T. industry has always been a rapidly changing market and with the creation of internet this speed has only increased due to the inter connectivity. The cloud will add on another level to this by making inter connectivity a personal possibility rather than simply a social tool. By allowing you to connect to your own online data as and when you please this will have a profound impact on not only how you use this data, but how you can allow others to share this data also. 

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