AWS and Melco: Transformation through the cloud.

By William Smith
AWS’ Senior Business Development Manager Eva Wong on the company’s cloud transformation work with Melco Resorts & Entertainment...

 Amazon Web Services (AWS) is one of the world’s most comprehensive and widely utilised cloud platforms, as Senior Business Development Manager Eva Wong explains: “After building and running a massive ecommerce platform for over a decade, our parent company Amazon realised that it had developed a core competency in operating large scale technology infrastructure. To that was added a much broader mission of serving a new customer set, and that's how AWS was born.”

AWS is at the forefront of cloud computing, which has revolutionised the world, not least in a business context. “Cloud computing means on-demand delivery of IT resources via the internet,” says Wong. “AWS manages and operates a technology infrastructure in a secure environment. Businesses can access these resources through the internet to develop and run their applications. Capacity can grow and shrink very quickly according to your needs, with customers only paying for what they use.” Those capabilities allow for a much increased pace of innovation, with Wong seeing more and more enterprises undergoing cloud adoption for their own purposes.

She sees one of the differentiators that sets AWS apart from competitors is its culture. “The way we work emphasises working backwards and being customer obsessed. We focus relentlessly on innovation and taking into account customer feedback to incorporate into our technology roadmap. It’s a different kind of culture that our customers really appreciate. We focus on building relationships with customers that are for the long-term.”

That spirit is evident in its collaboration with Melco Resorts & Entertainment. “Melco started using the AWS platform to build their applications four years ago. With AWS scalability, agility and global presence, Melco is able to expand their applications globally in weeks, compared to months in traditional on-premise data centres.” Aside from the scale, Melco is also able to deliver bespoke customer experiences to guests via the MelSuite, the Smart-in-Room-Management-System built on AWS by Melco’s DX Team. “With over 175 services currently available on the AWS platform, Melco can be experimental and innovative,” says Wong. “They can test and try out new ideas with minimal upfront costs, and compute resources are readily available to them as they require.”

Powering the collaboration effort has been a close working relationship between AWS and what Wong calls Melco’s “visionary” leadership team. “The fundamental part of any successful partnership is understanding the customer’s vision and how you can best support them to execute that vision. That’s why we always listen to our customer feedback - 90% of our roadmap and features are a direct result of that.”

Wong sees the close working relationship as resilient going into the future, evolving alongside key trends such as know-your-customer initiatives. “The extension of customer experience is interacting with your guests digitally. We are seeing more interest in interactive video services - live streaming solutions that are quick and easy to set up and ideal for creating interactive video experiences for customers. With the COVID-19 pandemic, that’s becoming a key focus as companies look for ways to keep the customer up to date, create a great customer experience and ultimately drive customer loyalty.”


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