How SMBs In Australia Can Leverage Twitter Ad Services

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As Twitter continues to roll out its self-service advertising opportunities around the globe, the microblogging platform is also making an effort to ensure small to medium businesses are able to get in on the benefits. SMBs have the ability to leverage Twitters creative, measurement and targeting tools in order to accomplish a range of goals including building brand awareness and driving direct response actions for leads, sales, video views and website traffic.

The advertising service has rolled out in over 20 countries worldwide, with SMBs recently able to take advantage of a beta rollout with offered objective-based campaigns and pricing. This way, SMBs only have had to pay for actions that are in line with their specific and personalized marketing objectives, creating a high return on investment.

Another tool from Twitter, the Tweet Activity Dashboard, tracks and optimizes the performance of organic tweets, based on a four-week (28-day) overview of a user’s Twitter activity. This tool is currently free of charge and available to all Twitter users.

Small to medium businesses in Australia that already regularly use Twitter to promote business have a big impact on their customers. A majority of users trust a SMB more if they follow them on Twitter and read their Tweets regularly. A study conducted by Twitter Australia found that a whopping 62 percent of consumers surveyed will purchase as service or product from an SMB after following the company on Twitter. Sometimes, these purchases come in direct correlation from a business tweeting about a service or product they offer.

To help businesses and encourage them to use their ad service, Twitter analysed closed to 200k Promoted Tweets worldwide to see how users can generate positive results. The most successful ones were short, gave click context, visual, were optimised for leads and started a conversation.

Information sourced from Twitter’s blog.



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