Epos Now expands into the Australian market

By William Girling
Cloud-based software company Epos Now has announced that it has inked a deal to acquire Epos Systems Pty, a leading point-of-sale (POS) provider...

Cloud-based software company Epos Now has announced that it has inked a deal to acquire Epos Systems Pty, a leading point-of-sale (POS) provider. 

Headquartered in Norwich, UK, Epos Now (EN) also has offices in the US and currently serves over 30,000 clients in the retail and hospitality sectors. Epos Systems (ES) is an Australian native company which has been collaborating with Epos Now for several years.  

The partnership will expand EN’s range into the APAC region, enabling the company to offer its services to potentially thousands more clients.  

Jacyn Heavens, CEO, Epos Now, commented, “We have been working with Epos Systems in Australia for a few years and have been incredibly impressed with the knowledge and skills of the people within the business.” 

“Our values and ethos are extremely well aligned; the team has an in-depth understanding of our product and the market having created exceptional demand in the region for the Epos Now platform.” 

Pushing for excellence in customer service 

Specialising in providing software designed to enhance reporting, stock control and CRM (customer relationship management), EN’s augmented global team are hoping to continue the high standard of customer service that has enabled the brand’s success so far. 



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“Customer success is hugely dependent on our domain knowledge and the expertise we can offer, which is why this acquisition is so important to us. By encouraging peer-to-peer learning across teams, we will further augment the service we provide,” Heavens stated. 

“Moreover, the acquisition hugely adds velocity to Epos Now’s IPO ambitions and provides us with the increased resources to heavily invest in our platform, partnerships, staff and customers.”  

Describing the partnership as a logical and mutually-beneficial arrangement, Nick Chadwick, Director of ES, said that joining EN would allow both parties to grow. 

“Our team here carry fantastic skills and the career possibilities offered within a rapidly growing organisation like Epos Now are fantastic. The ease of deployment and stability of the product, coupled with the ability to offer localised support, grants our clients both here in Australia and overseas a virtually unparalleled offering.” 

The acquisition means that EN will now have offices capable of supporting clients across all time zones in 109 countries. “With this acquisition,” Heavens concluded, “We truly are a global business.” 

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