Ensure Your Employees Deliver Excellent Customer Care

By Bizclik Editor

No matter how great your product or service is, bad customer service will turn people away from your business. Horror stories from customers can make other potential customers avoid your company entirely or even worse- spread through social networks like wildfire.

What can you do to avoid this? Is there a way to be the best in customer service for your industry?

Training Your Employees

The number one way to avoid giving bad customer service is to properly train your employees.

If they are unaware of what your policies are on certain aspects – such as returns – than conflicting information given to a customer can be considered bad customer service. Employees that must stop to ask for assistance from you (their employer) during customer service calls for every question are not properly trained.

A customer care representative should know what procedures are for most situations and only call on your or a manager if they are stuck or if the customer requests it.

Rude Employees

Rude employees are the downfall of most customer service situations.

If an employee is rude to a customer they make your company look bad. Some instances of rudeness are from frustration, which can be dealt with by talking to the employee. Disciplinary action should be taken to ensure the rudeness will not happen again.

If the employee is very rude, to the point that the customer is distraught, then perhaps it is time to evaluate whether or not the employee should be let go. There is no excuse for constant rudeness. Rude behavior can be ignoring customers, talking down to customers, or other bad behavior. Rude employees have no place in customer service. We all have bad days, but more than one mild instance of rudeness is not acceptable.

Giving it Your All

The old adage, the customer is always right, might seem to be overused.

We all have heard of customers or clients that are belligerent. Rude customers are no fun, but by keeping calm, cool, and collected your customer service reps will shine in the eyes of other customers. Sometimes there is no pleasing a customer or client. These types will not be happy with any company – but still supply them with the best of customer care. Negative people are the loudest when talking about companies, be sure that they can find no fault with yours.

Whether online or in person, you should strive to give every customer the best service you possibly can.

Poor customer service will cause people to become patrons of your competitors. If you think you have a customer service issue, ask customers what you can do to change it.

Send out questionnaires, ask customers in person how you can do better, and implement their ideas.


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