Yeahka: driving investment in SaaS payment solutions

By Georgia Wilson
Leading Chinese technology platform - Yeahka - increases its investment in payment solutions, via continued development in SaaS Technology...

As the development of payment technologies evolve, so does the demand from merchants for digital and smart solutions in order to continuously acquire customers and improve the experience provided via innovative technologies. 

Being a leading payment based technology platform in China, Yeahka has over the last few years rapidly expanded its customer base accumulating large volumes of data. As a result the company has been able to leverage its growing expertise in big data analysis and artificial intelligence (AI) technology to further fulfill the need for digital and smart solutions.

Investment platform continues to expand in the industry

With this in mind Yeahka has expanded its payment and SaaS business via its investment platform. As a result Yeahka has strengthened its value chain from payments to business services driving value for its customers.

May 2020

Via RYK Capital Partners, Yeahka has increased its investment in Fushi Technology Co., Ltd.'s payment and service platform ‘Haoshengyi’. The platform connects multiple payment methods to assist merchants needing to consolidate cash registers, and provides integrated billing functions, as well as store management and customer services. 

“Haoshengyi has been expanding rapidly by effectively capitalising on market opportunities that stem from the evolving digital economy, where micro and small merchants are in dire need of intelligent business solutions,” noted Yeahka in a company statement. 

June 2020

Also via RYK Capital Partners, Yeahka made strategic investments in Shenzhen Zhibaiwei Technology Development Co., Ltd., a leading SaaS software developer. By collaborating with Shenzhen Zhibaiwei Technology Development Co., Ltd., the two will develop value-added services including: payment solutions, SaaS software, and marketing services. 

Technology-enabled smart services

By leveraging its own transaction data from the Company's payment services combined with AI-enabled image recognition, intelligent credit analysis and scoring technologies, Yeahka provides its customers with a variety of technology-enabled business services, including merchant SaaS products and marketing services to improve operational efficiency, effectively reach target markets and improve end-to-end ecosystems. 


In 2015, Yeahka launched Smart Shopkeeper - an intelligent ordering machine.

Customers can harness the restaurant management app to view menus and place orders, helping restaurants alleviate the pressure during peak hours and improve operational efficiency.

March 2020

launched early this year, Yeahka developed Juhuisaosao, a smart payment speaker application, that enables voice reminders for new payments that have arrived in order to minimise the likelihood of missed or lost orders. Juhuisaosao also provides additional insight into business performance via analysis of transaction data. 

In addition to Juhuisaosao, Yeahka launched Yuehuiquan, a coupon aggregation platform for merchants to build their customer base for private marketing helping merchants maintain customer relationships. 

Continuous investment in tech innovations

As part of its continuous investment in tech innovation, Yeahka aims to develop a smart payment ecosystem. To achieve this Yeahka has been making strategic investments in RYK Capital Partners to develop products for SaaS and sales services across its own platforms. 

“Looking ahead, Yeahka will further increase its strategic investments in upstream and downstream business sectors, as well as in basic technologies and core product upgrades. Yeahka will also explore comprehensive scenario-specific functionalities for mobile payments and smart marketing services by leveraging technological innovations in AI and cloud computing [...] by leveraging its strong technological innovation and risk management capabilities, the Company will continue to develop and build a sustainable and trusted technology platform,” concluded Yeahka

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