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The land Down Under has a number of options when it comes to insurance providers and some of those providers are simply outperforming others. And, considering the first Australian life insurance policies began selling in the 1830s, Aussie insurers really know the insurance business. In fact, many of the top companies in Australia’s insurance market have been in business for upwards of a century.

So, how does the Australian insurance market function as a whole and which insurance providers are winning the market over?

The Aussie Insurance Landscape

Insurance companies in Australia generally offer coverage and policies in three different areas: general insurance, life insurance, and health insurance. Not many companies tend to specialize in any one area of expertise, but the majority of insurers lean toward the life insurance market.

Likewise, something unique to the Aussie insurance market is what’s called Total and Permanent Disability insurance. The way this type of insurance works is, in the event of a disability claim, the insurance provider is responsible for paying out the entire insured amount in one lump sum as opposed to installments.

In addition, a major challenge that Australian insurance providers face is the fact that the country’s government guarantees universal health care, or Medicare, to all its citizens.What this means for private insurers is a lack in customers requiring basic healthcare, which is one of the major insurance categories.

The Leaders

As with any insurance market in the world, there are top providers that seem to outshine the competition. Such is the case with the Australian insurance market.When taking into consideration the leaders in the Aussie insurance race, it’s important to keep in mind that, because of the government’s universal healthcare, the following companies are largely providers of life and general insurance:


With its main focus in property, marine, and motor vehicle insurance, QBE is one of Australia’s largest, most diversified general insurance providers. The company was founded in 1888 and has grown to provide insurance to 52 countries around the world.  QBE is Australia’s most recognized insurance provider.

AMP Life

Due to a recent merger with another leading insurance provider, AXA, the insurance company now known as AMP Life is the largest life insurance provider in Australia.

Not only that, it’s also the oldest insurance provider in the country with roots going back as far as 1849. And, with Australia-wide premiums equaling over $1.5 billion annually, it’s also one of the most successful providers down under.


Another Australian life insurance provider with annual premiums over $1 billion is AIA. And, although the company has only been around since the 1970s, it’s grown to become one of the most prestigious providers in the country. In fact, AIA has received multiple Canstar Awards, which ranks the leading Australian insurance providers in terms of sales, service, diversification, and business excellence.So, from general to life insurance, it’s clear that the Australian insurance market has some top performing providers.


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