Z Energy begins widespread deployment of automatic fuel payments

By Sarah Smith

New Zealand fuel company Z Energy, formerly known as Shell New Zealand and Greenstone Energy, has begun deployment of its new automatic fuel payment initiative, NZ Herald reports

The new feature, known as Fastlane, is operated through a mobile app and is currently available at 17 locations across the country at time of writing.

Users simply download the app, register their number plate, fuel preference, loyalty card, and payment information, fuel up at a Fastlane-equipped station and drive away.

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Technology installed at the Fastlane stations recognises the vehicle’s number plate and linked account and takes the payment automatically. Users can also register multiple vehicles to the same account.

“As you drive in our cameras read your number plate and we unlock the fuel pump for you ... fill yourself up and you drive away - you don't need to go inside, you don't need to swipe you're card or do anything - it all happens behind the scenes in an attempt to make the experience easier and better, and speed things up,” said Pete Robson, Innovation Manager at Z Energy, according to NZ Herald.

By 18 January Fastlane is expected to have launched at 40 sites, NZ Herald added.


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