[VIDEO] Executives' approach to implementing an analytics plan

By Bizclik Editor

To complement our article about the increased efficiency and huge savings many companies are seeing from big data analytics, we have tracked down a helpful video to give you a place to start when implementing your own company's analytics plan. David Court, McKinsey & Company director, discusses two main areas CEOs should look into. McKinsey & Company, with offices all around the world including Perth, Melbourne and Sydney, is a global management consulting firm. 

Most companies are not prepared to handle the amount of information that big data can disseminate. Even companies like Rio Tinto and UPS, who utilize analytics, have only begun to realize the power and efficiency that can be wrung from big data. There's a lot of information available about how your business runs and your customers' habits, and the total of data in the world is looking to double in the next year and a half.

Check out McKinsey & Company's Youtube channel for more videos on big data, analytics and solutions for your business.


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