Top 10 high-growth financial services companies in Asia

By Tamsin Oxford

This month, Business Chief has taken a look at some of the highest-growth financial services companies in Asia. 

High-growth companies are those that perform better than others in their sector or vertical and that grow at extraordinary rates, often in the double digits year on year. In Asia, there are several companies sitting in the financial services sector that stand out, not only for innovation but also for high growth and impressive results. These are 10 of the best as measured by the FT 1000 High-Growth Companies Asia-Pacific 2018.


10. Net Protections


Net Protections comes in at 570 on the FT1000, boasting revenue growth of 84% to a current figure of $81.44mn. The firm describes itself as a fintech company creating new standards in eCommerce. Net Protections created Japan’s first deferred payment settlement solution and is currently investing in new solutions in credit, payment and mobile payments. The Japanese company is focused primarily on post-pay mobile payments and has a wide variety of options available to the public.


9. Yamada Servicer Synthetic Office


Yamada Servicer Synthetic Office may not be as much of a mouthful in Japanese, but the company’s growth is definitely impressive in any language. This financial services firm has been in business since 1999, providing service solutions to financial institutions, investors and other organisations that require the management and collection of purchased loans and entrusted claims. The company showed an impressive 95% revenue growth over the past year and ranks highly in the listings of Asia’s high-growth companies. The company now boasts a revenue of $24.35mn, according to FT, and takes the 508th spot on the overall list.


8. Mercuria Investment


Japan dominates the top 10 in financial services and fintech solutions in Asia. Mercuria Investment is a financial services organisation that focuses on investment opportunities across a wide range of industries and networks. The company looks to fields that show significant growth potential, both in Japan and abroad. Last year, Mercuria exhibited huge revenue growth of 95%, resulting in a figure of $23.1mn and placing the firm at 505 on the FT list.



7. Realworld


Continuing Japan’s impressive lead in the financial services arena is Realworld, a company that empowers people to start their own businesses, enjoy a thriving microenterprise and earn money from anywhere. Realworld was founded in 2005 and is focused on using technology to change people’s lives. This year, the company enjoys the 382nd spot on the FT list, having seen a revenue increase of 123% to its current figure of $40.96mn.


6. Venture Square


Venture Square specialises in startup media that introduces people, technology, products and services and helps them to take their initial startup steps. It plays in the financial services industry and connects startup investors and government agencies to brilliant young businesses. The South Korea-based company achieved 101st place on the FT list this year, having experienced a revenue increase of 462%. Venture Square’s current revenue stands at $2.94mn.



5. SmartOwner


SmartOwner was ranked one of the fastest growing fintech companies in both South Asia and Asia-Pacific as a whole, gaining 99th spot on the overall list. It is one of the largest marketplaces for investors in India, offering them opportunities that aren’t usually available anywhere else. It’s all about savvy investment into high-value opportunities and the significant growth streak is testament to its success. The Singapore-based business saw its revenue rise by a massive 465% last year, and the figure now stands at $5.55mn.


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4. Catapult Ventures


Catapult Ventures is another Singapore-based fintech company with a remarkable growth trajectory. Last year’s revenue increase of 667% resulted in an impressive figure of $2.4mn and earned Catapult 71st spot on the FT list. It started out as a mortgage comparison site but has evolved into helping customers maximise financial decisions by providing them with an engine that allows them to compare everything from mortgages to credit cards.


3. Soft Space


Soft Space created a mobile point-of-sale (POS) card reader that allows any mobile device to accept any form of payment. The idea is, in every way, quite brilliant as it ensures secure transactions for all users across all forms of payment, mobile device and platform. The company is based in Malaysia and therefore can take advantage of the growing cashless payment market in Southeast Asia. Its impressive revenue of $6.73mn is a result of 718% year-on-year growth and earns the company 66th spot on the overall list.


2. Japan Investment Advisor


Japan Investment Advisor is a financial services institution providing solutions to a broad client base including both financial and media-related businesses. Founded in 2006 and having been listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange in 2014, the company is a well-established institution which ranks highly both on the FT 1000 and on our list. JIA’s 48th spot on the FT1000 is a result of an impressive revenue of $54.19mn following an increase of 1,036%, year on year.


1. OCTA Solutions


The number one spot is taken by Octa Solutions, a fintech company that focuses on intelligent solutions to financial challenges using technology and digital genius. OCTA enjoyed a 1,340% increase in revenue year on year, to a current impressive figure of $1.81mn. The company has a variety of solutions on offer, invests into R&D extensively and pays attention to the latest trends in finance, investment and technology. Overall, the South Korean company takes 36th place on the FT list.


This article was first featured in June's Asia edition of Business Chief. 


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