Skillsoft launches Skillsoft Aspire to address shortfall in data expertise

By Sarah Smith

Leading corporate learning company Skillsoft, with APAC operations headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, has unveiled a new range of learning journeys designed to upskill technologists and developers as the global shortage of data expertise continues 

The rapid growth of data-driven business operations has led to a shortfall in skilled staff for key technology roles at a host of companies around the world. 

Skillsoft Aspire, designed with this gap in availability and demand of skilled data workers, will enable firms to broaden the skillsets of their staff to meet demands in data analysis, security, programming and machine learning. 

In its press statement, Skillsoft said that Aspire will provide the tutelage, guidance, and credentials that could vastly increase the opportunities for data analysts to progress to data scientists, as one of many potential examples.

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“There are certain functions, tasks and activities that a person does in their current role and there are other tasks that are part of an aspirational role,” said Mike Hendrickson, Vice President of Technology and Developer Products at Skillsoft, said in the press release.

“For instance, you can't promote a Data Analyst to Data Scientist just because they have been in an organisation for a long time. They need an enhanced skill set that builds on their current knowledge, role and capabilities.” 

“Skillsoft Aspire delivers learning journeys that provide a clear and detailed roadmap for enterprise technologists and developers to advance their careers while also adding value to their organisations struggling to acquire talent to fill many business-critical technology roles.”


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