Should Sales Professionals Get Their MBA?

By Bizclik Editor

Written by Thomas F. La Vecchia, MBA


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A widely asked question today is “Should I get my MBA as a sales representative?” My answer to this question is yes, no, and maybe. In my recently published book,The X Factor Selling System, I describe four categories of motivating factors: People, Product, Process and Price. In order to figure out if you should pursue a Masters you should find out which “P” category motivates you.

If you are motivated by people, than you most likely want recognition over money. Or you may want to lead others as a Sales Leader or Manager. In this cause you should pursue your MBA.

Similarly, a sales rep who is product centric may be more focused on building their personal brand. Obtaining an MBA will appeal to you, as the status establishes you as a higher quality brand and gives you the aura of legitimacy that you feel is necessary.

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Oppositely, if you are motivated by price, aka money-motivated, than you aren’t the best candidate to pursue an MBA. Not only does getting a Master’s degree cost money, it also takes you away from your sales career during that time. Because you will be less inclined to fully pursue leads and exceed your number- while shelling out roughly 50 thousand for the title-you are not the best candidate for an MBA.

Lastly, if you are process centric (motivated by how easily something is to obtain or how it fits into your daily routine) than my answer to you is maybe. If you can align the daunting process of getting your Master’s (while keeping up your current salary/position) to your normal routine than getting your MBA may be a good idea for you. However, if you feel you would not be able to fit in a new pace or schedule into your current process than you may want to skip the added title.

In summary, although my book describes the four “P”s as reasons why people purchase, they are ultimately categories that describe what motivates people to act (their X Factor). In short-if you are motivated by simply money (which is not the most common motivator as many might think) than you should skip the MBA and focus on your Sales calls. If you are motivated by recognition than the MBA title is a good chance to enhance your current Sales position.


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