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Choosing the right career can be a challenge for Australians and many worldwide, especially if the job market is fluctuating.

But if you're looking to earn one of the best salaries Down Under, you could certainly do worse than these >>>

Marketing Analyst: 360,000 AUD

If you've got mad computer skills, along with an analytical mind and great communication skills, you should look into becoming a marketing analyst.

These professionals run focus groups, administer questionnaires, and perform other research to determine market trends and help their employers develop a killer marketing strategy. You'll also help develop new products and services or modify the existing ones to meet consumer demand.

To become a marketing analyst, you'll need at least a bachelor's degree in statistics, math, or computer science. To reach the top of your field, you'll want an MBA or master's degree in marketing research, marketing, or statistics.

Chief IT Officer: 250,000 AUD

Lots of technical knowledge and ability, good communication skills, and great leadership ability may net you a great job as the chief information officer of a company.

As the head of IT, you'll be responsible for all of a corporation's computer systems, helping your company form and meet strategic goals. You'll usually report to the company's other executive board members.

If this sounds like the career for you, a bachelor's degree in computer technology or a related technical field will help. Even more helpful will be an MBA or master's degree in your technical field.

Financial Controller: 225,000 AUD

If you're a born number-cruncher and can make maths sit up and do your bidding, you might enjoy becoming the financial controller for a large company.

The financial controller oversees a corporation's accounts department, managing the company's team of accountants and keeping the books clean and accurate. You'll oversee all tax and regulatory issues, help your company formulate its financial strategy, and perform periodic audits to make sure financial records are up-to-date.

You'll need a minimum of a bachelor's degree in math, business, or economics, as well as accountancy qualifications. A master's degree in any of these will also give you a leg up, as will plenty of accounting and financial experience.

High-Paying Entry Level Positions

Of course, if you're just starting out and trying to decide on a career, you'll be looking for entry-level positions. Here are a few that will get your foot in the door at a company, while still paying a healthy salary >>>

  • Merchandise planner (44,000 AUD): A merchandise planner, as the name suggests, helps plan and coordinate a company's buyers, purchasing officers, and any other staff involved in buying the materials, products, and services needed to keep the company running. You'll need a bachelor's degree in merchandising, marketing, business, or finance to qualify for this position.
  • Software engineer (41,000 AUD): If you've got a knack for computers, you might be interested in creating operating systems or applications for computers, tablets, and other devices. This job will require a bachelor's in computer science for the best chance at success.
  • Business IT analyst (54,000 AUD): A business information technology analyst helps improve a business's performance using computers. You'll want a bachelor's in business, IT, or computer science to give you the best chance at this position.

This is just a sampling of great-paying positions you can aim for in Australia.

For more information, or to look into a field not listed here, consider contacting a career coach to help direct you.


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