Focus on negativity is killing Australian industry

By Bizclik Editor

Written by Jonny Williamson 

In an effort to foster more confidence in the sector, an online representative for the Australian manufacturing industry has called for the national media to place more positive news in prominence, rather than focusing solely on bad news.

ManufactureLink suggests that the country’s manufacturers are “among the best in the world” at consistently producing high precision, high quality parts and products, goods which benefit a wide range of industries and individual businesses; though the products aren’t the cheapest:

“Contrary to continual media bashing, Australia’s manufacturing sector has not gone under because it has tried to compete in the uncompetitive field of cheap, mass produced at the lowest price, products with dubious quality.”

Though it recognises the current challenges facing Australia’s industry, ManufactureLink  states that by only presenting articles focused on job losses and the alleged ‘death’ of the domestic manufacturing, the media has created a culture of negativity, the effects of which are substantial:

“Negativity breeds negativity which clouds judgement, impairs decision making and encourages a negative outlook

The lack of confidence is impacting on our manufacturer’s willingness to innovate and invest in new manufacturing technology which has dire consequences for the future

Despite current conditions, the Australian manufacturing sector is suffering from a skills shortage which is hampering growth; a lack of confidence in the sector and continual negative press means that much needed new skilled people are not being attracted to the sector

The lack of confidence also means that many businesses are embracing what is known as the four wall syndrome, which is an inability to get out of the factory and speak to people, be visible, network and undertake basic marketing activities”

ManufactureLink’s proposal closes by saying:

“There is always going to be a place for high end, high quality precision engineering in (Australia) with many manufacturing businesses undertaking work that could not be outsourced to cheaper countries because of delivery lead times, degree of precision and importantly, quality.”

Owned and operated by AMTIL (Australian Manufacturing Technology Institute Limited), ManufactureLink aims to connect people in the industry, to share ideas and offer assistance to members through networking functions, annual exhibitions, and regular communications. AMTIL’s governing philosophy is to ‘Connect. Inform. Grow.’, and is always keen to promote members’ businesses and offer them the opportunities to become a success, regardless of entry level.


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