Domino’s: making pizza in the digital age

By Allen Jack

Domino's Pizza Enterprises has started the year well by releasing a healthy online sales report of AU$1.11bn over the last six months.

Representing an 18.8% rise in online sales, the Brisbane-based pizza chain - the largest franchisee of the Domino’s brand worldwide - the company has proven that shifting to a digital focus can yield profitable results. 

Discussing Domino’s digital transformation in Australia with Business News Australia, Don Meij, CEO and MD, outlined how the company is placing greater emphasis on tech solutions.

"Domino's the brand is 60 years old this year and it's been the delivery pioneer, so that's what we specialise in. A lot of the things that were holding back consumers in the analogue world, we've now given digital solutions too.”


"For example, when does my pizza arrive? Well, you can now track it. What is on the menu? When you've got a digital platform it's fun - the majority of our customers customise their products."

Supporting the tech market

The company’s success in the online arena is colouring its opinion of the Australian tech industry and how it could be improved. In an article by iTnews, Domino’s encouraged the market to recognise the full value of coders and software engineers.

“For Australia to become an e-commerce powerhouse on the world stage, we need to consider technology development as the manufacturing industry of our future.”

“We should be ‘manufacturing’ digital, with the technology graduates of today becoming the ‘digital apprentices’ who are building their skills to support an entire industry in the near future. This requires scale,” the company stated.

Not content with established companies simply getting bigger, Domino’s believes that the Australian tech industry should be offered incentives to produce new, home-grown talent. It is hopeful that politicians in the fintech and regtech (regulatory tech) sector will take note.

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