The Benefits of Mentoring

By Bizclik Editor

Gregory Lording, Global Leader for FCm Travel Solutions, comments on his role as a mentor in TIME (Travel Industry Mentor Experience) and outlines the benefits that mentoring offers businesses and business owners.

“Mentoring is a crucial component to any organisation or business.

Research has always shown that employees are more likely to stay with a business or company that offers them career development opportunities.

As employers and managers we need to consider the environment we are creating for our staff.  We need to ensure there are structures in place to help team members reach their goals and progress to that next level.

Senior management need to take time to share their knowledge. Helping employees take the next step in their personal development not only benefits them but also aids the overall development of a company. Long term wise, creating a mentoring culture will help influence the development of what an industry will look like in 10, 20, 30 years time. 

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Helping staff progress their career paths is in the best interest of all organisations. There are both immediate and long term benefits to mentoring. The immediate impact is that the mentee will bring the confidence and knowledge they gain from their mentoring experience and put that added skill set into practice in their workplace.

The more long term benefit of mentoring is that we are creating empowered leaders and managers who will shape and drive a business or industry through the next generation of change.

Adapting to change is one of the key components in ensuring businesses and industries survive and thrive. Truly successful businesses take time to future proof their industries and develop their staff so they can stay ahead of the game.

Personally, I have always felt a desire to give back and help others grow into leadership roles, which is why I became a mentor with TIME. I have had an amazing experience working in the travel industry over the past 30 years and along the way I have been fortunate enough to have had people offer me great guidance and support.

The personal benefits of mentoring are immense. It is empowering to help younger professionals dream of a different kind of future for themselves and the possibilities that lie before them.”


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