Smart Technology for the Business Traveler

By Bizclik Editor


Traveling anywhere these days can be stressful and confusing. From bad weather to lost itineraries, the many components that make up a trip have innumerable ways of going wrong. However there are also many gadgets and technological services that help travelers plan and navigate the many details of traveling. Here is a list of gadgets, websites, and mobile applications to make you a tech-savvy traveler!



Access to a mobile phone and the Internet is key for any business traveler. However, using a mobile phone internationally can prove to be unnecessarily expensive. We recommend getting the “unlock” code from your service provider and buying a prepaid SIM card for the duration of the trip. You can order these on websites like or just buy them when you get to your destination. 

Get caught up on your favorite television shows during long international flights using the Slingbox , which is a TV streaming device that allows users to remotely view and control  their home's cable and satellite system. 

Packing space is often limited when travelling and carrying around multiple chargers can be a real pain. Save space with Duracell's myGrid charger, which powers up to four electronics on one device and is compatible with most of the newest smartphones. 



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Check the INRIX Traffic website before leaving for the airport to avoid traffic and delays. Grab the coveted window seat with which provides detailed seatmaps for airlines. Checking and will help both your packing and let you know if bad weather will hold up your flight with live flight tracking.

Having trouble communicating?  provides accurate and rapid translation services in all the major European languages and in Japanese and Chinese.


The AirWX app is a tool that both pilots and the general public use to check weather at departure and arrival airports. Create a master trip itinerary with the TripIt phone app.  The app uses a single email account to house all confirmation emails and arrange them into a sharable master itinerary. Use the FourSquare app to find restaurants, hotels, and landmarks as well as connect with friends and family.

And lastly, enjoy your trip!








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