Nov 13, 2020

Secure World launches non-contact security solution

Secure World
Security Solution
Georgia Wilson
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In response to the outbreak of COVID-19, Secure World launches a non-contact security solutions...

With the threat of COVID-19 still present across the world, the need for non-contact solutions continues to rise. “To adapt to the new normal, one needs to understand how the non-contact solutions work and how it can be utilised in the pandemic,” reflected Secure World.

In response to this need, Secure World has provided an AI based solution, alongside its promotion of a contactless culture to prevent the spread of the virus. These measures coincide with Korea’s ‘K-quarantine’ syndrome, which demonstrates to countries ‘superior’ ability to fight COVID-19.

The new solutions developed by Secure World - COVID19-guard - is a walkthrough solution that recognises multiple data simultaneously and accurately, without the need for some to stand or interact with the machine.

“The automated, unmanned COVID19-guard uses the Artificial Neural Network algorithm to build a machine learning model through repeatedly recognising, collecting, and sorting data. Moreover, it recognises non-mask wearers while it recognises people; the screen will identify the person along with the audio instruction to reinforce the use of masks and to build a safe environment,” added Secure World.

With the number of cases rising to 50mn around the world, Korea has managed to maintain its case below 100 as a result of K-quarantine.

Wishing that Korea and the world can return to the new normal without COVID-19, and make fast economic recoveries, the company’s staff commented that “we will do our best to help the world with COVID19-Guard, which is built on the outstanding infrastructure of K-quarantine and technology.”

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