Pyxis One: AI Startup Expands Within APAC

By Elise Leise
Global marketing AI infrastructure startup Pyxis One has chosen a new CEO of its APAC business to drive growth across the region

Three billion data points analysed, 28 million AI actions taken, and 3.1 million personas accounted for. Since 2018, Pyxis One has built up quite the reputation for providing full stack AI infrastructure for marketing. As e-commerce now takes off with millions of consumers ready to spend their saved pandemic money, Pyxis expects rapid growth. This expansion will start with Neel Pandya, a former media and digital director at L'Oreal and well-known APAC marketing professional. 

In his new role, Pandya will focus on building a company community of AI experts, hiring the best tech employees from across North America and APAC, and designing the future roadmap for the region. This year alone, Pyxis One looks set to hire 30% more employees to roll out its AI to more companies. ‘It’s one of the few startups that is growing rapidly in a short span of time’, said Pandya. Added Shubham Mishra, Pyxis’s new Global CEO: ‘We’ve started expanding into the Americas and Europe faster than we expected’. 


Asian AI Markets Mature


According to the latest Dataiku research, 70% of APAC organisations maintained or increased how much they spent on AI in 2020. Nearly twice as many companies have started to invest in AI as in 2019. ‘If there’s anything we can glean from this research, it’s that organisations that are incorporating AI into their underlying business strategies are propelling themselves farther and farther ahead of the pack’, said Richard Jones, General Manager at Dataiku APAC. ‘Companies that want to keep pace in the next three to five years will need to start investing in and executing on AI’. 

In that case, Pyxis One has a chance to establish itself as a more major player in the Asian market. Its solutions make it easy and efficient to accumulate and analyse data for research and innovation, performance and social media, and marketing and growth. Give it another five years, in fact, and Pandya may be managing a much larger operation than that with which he started. ‘It’s going to a positively challenging position’, Pandya noted. ‘APAC operations will begin to ramp up multi-fold’. 


Marketing Firms, Take Note


Overall, Pyxis One has built a strong team of executives and investors to fulfil its vision. ‘Neel is one of the sharpest minds our country has’, said Mishra. ‘He sees and believes that AI infrastructure for marketing is all set to transform the way we approach business itself’. Multiple companies have already given the company glowing reviews. ‘Sophisticated, innovative, transformative, and yet so commonsensical’, commented Sandeep Bhandari, CRO & CSO of Affirm Inc. Robert Schneider, Chief Strategy Officer at Learfield IMG College, concluded: ‘It’s a truly formidable approach that will transform marketing forever’. 



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