Dubber announces major deal with Telstra

By Allen Jack

Software company Dubber has inked a new deal with telecoms giant Telstra, allowing the latter’s customers to utilise powerful call recording and analytics. 

Joining 113 other global companies, Telstra’s adoption of Dubber’s software marks its widespread adoption among the big players of the telecom sector. Other users include AT&T, Cox and Bell Canada. 

Based in Melbourne, Dubber uses cloud-based call recording software to drive quality assurance, improve customer service and help resolve disputes. Customers are able to analyse recordings for keywords and/or phrases, enabling a higher level of marketing/sales insight. 

“We are delighted to be announcing our agreement with Telstra today and believe it will enable the full expression of the capability of the Dubber Platform,” said Steve McGovern, CEO, in an article by Yahoo! Finance. 

“By providing call recording extensively on both Unified Communications and mobile networks, Telstra business customers of all sizes will be able to provide call recording, data capture, advanced analytics and AI throughout their entire organization.”


“We believe this agreement with Telstra effectively ’democratises’ call recording, at cloud scale, beyond the traditional domain of contact centres, to any and all business users.”

“We believe this agreement will usher in a whole new class of services for call recording, delivered via SaaS (software as a service), for compliance, business insights and AI services that were never before possible.”

Telecoms: helping those in need

Telstra has also been in the news recently for its efforts to help those affected by the Australian bushfires. In a previous article by Business Chief, we explored how the company is doing its part in the relief efforts:

Telecoms giant Telstra has promised to waive mobile phone bills for volunteers who chose to dedicate their time to fighting the bushfires in December and January. Assistance packages for volunteers in the State Emergency Services, as well as bushfire victims, have also been offered.

However, Telstra isn’t alone: Optus has also lent a hand.

Optus has offered its support to those affected by the Australian bushfires with the announcement of its Green Shoots programme.

The Sydney-based company is hopeful that the grants provided can rejuvenate the fortunes of individuals and SMEs by providing a method of digital re-connection.

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