Does Your Business Need an App?

By Bizclik Editor

If you don’t “have an app for that”’s time to join the 21st century and take advantage of one of the most popular means to promote your business and connect with current and potential customers. 

The abundance of electronic, digital, and mobile devices - from iPhones to iPads, and all the other “smart” technology in between - means customers appreciate and associate most with the businesses that accommodate their customers’ busy lifestyles with the convenience of apps that connect them to their favorite brands, products, and services.

Promote Your Business with an App

Apps are simply applications, or miniature self-contained programs that users can download and use in their digital, electronic, and mobile devices. Designed to be user-friendly, all the enhancements contained within apps enable users to perform a wide range of functions, from banking and shopping, to finding directions and making reservations.

So why not join the five million businesses, according to Google, that use Google’s apps for promotion and for connecting with customers? Research company In-Stat also revealed an interesting statistic: by 2015, they predict mobile app downloads will generate $30 billion in revenues.

Furthermore, Cnet News reported an increase of 35 percent in mobile apps last year, representing an eager demographic of users just waiting to do business with you.

Benefits of Using a Business App reported the two primary reasons businesses use apps are to save money, as well as to increase productivity. Related reasons are to maintain contact with customers through increased accessibility and exposure, to build brand loyalty, and to establish a social media presence.

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Apps provide numerous other benefits for businesses that choose to take advantage of them >>>

  • Facilitate the ordering process for customers;
  • Provide information in an interactive format;
  • Deliver promotions;
  • Connect to LinkedIn;
  • Connect to Twitter;
  • Access Google maps;
  • Post Facebook shares;
  • Create presentations;
  • Share the elevator pitch in 30 seconds;
  • View videos;
  • Listen to audio;
  • Promote and manage events;
  • Sponsor a contest;
  • Track sales;
  • Answer customer inquiries.

Make Sure You Have an App for That

So what are you waiting for? Join the legions of business owners who can proudly say “there’s an app for that” in regard to their businesses.


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