May 19, 2020

Australian government launches digital transformation strategy

Australian government
Digital Transformation
Vision 2025
Sarah Smith
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Australian government launches digital transformation strategy

The Australian Federal Government has released its Vision 2025 digital transformation strategy, outlining an overhaul of its services in a bid to become one of the world’s top three digital governments by 2025

In a statement on the Australian Digital Transformation Authority’s (DTA) website, it outlined the strategy’s three key priorities: becoming a government that is easier to deal with, is informed by citizens, and is “fit for the digital age”.

“This means you will have greater flexibility when dealing with government, seamless services that support your needs and life events and easier ways to engage on matters that are important to you,” the DTA said in the statement.

“Your privacy and security will continue to be at the forefront of everything we do.” 

According to The Australian, Michael Keenan, Digital Transformation Minister, said in a presentation on 21 November:

“Australians expect the same experience interacting with government as they have with innovative, leading private sector organisations.”

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“They expect us to meet the highest standards of service delivery, customer experience, simplicity, flexibility and ease of use.”

“To hold ourselves to account, we will provide a yearly update on what we are delivering to meet Australians’ evolving needs and expectations.”

ARN earmarked an example of how this will benefit users of the Australian government’s services in birth, marriage, and death registration. 

With the new platform, registration will carry over federal, state, and territory governments without the need to apply with each individual body, significantly reducing the workload for Australian citizens.

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