May 19, 2020

Qantas continues to dominate airline satisfaction ratings

Australian aviation industry
Roy Morgan
Addie Thomes
2 min
Qantas continues to dominate airline satisfaction ratings

Qantas has been named the best Australian airline for customer satisfaction for a 10th straight month.

According to Roy Morgan’s ‘Domestic Airline & Domestic Business Airline Customer Satisfaction February 2018’ report, Qantas registered a rating of 86.4%, just ahead of its sister operator Qantaslink (86.1%). Major rival Virgin came third with a score of 83.2%.

Tigerair and Jetstar ranked the lowest in the domestic category with respective ratings of 61.4% and 64.1%.

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Qantas also leads the way for domestic business travellers with a customer satisfaction rating of 85.2%, ahead of Virgin Australia on 81.5% and well ahead of Jetstar on 65.5%.

Michele Levine, CEO of Roy Morgan, said: “Another positive for Qantas is Australia’s huge market for domestic travel. Over 11.6mn Australians now say they’d like to spend a holiday in Australia in the next two years.

“Victoria is Australia’s leading destination State with nearly 3.8mn Australians nominating the State as a travel destination ahead of larger neighbour New South Wales on just over 3.6mn.”

Qantas recorded a major milestone earlier this year by successfully landing the first non-stop Australia to Europe flight, which took around 17 hours to fly from Perth to London.

This marks a crucial milestone in the carrier’s plans to become a go-to for ultra-long haul flights, one which CEO Alan Joyce hails as a game changing moment.

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May 3, 2021

DBS Bank expands digital trade finance on Contour platform

Kate Birch
2 min
DBS Bank and Contour extend digital trade finance offerings to four key APAC markets for corporate customers – boosting resilience and efficiency
DBS Bank and Contour extend digital trade finance offerings to four key APAC markets for corporate customers – boosting resilience and efficiency...

DBS Bank has boosted its digitalisation extending its offerings on trade finance network Contour to corporate customers in four key Asia-Pacific markets – Australia, China, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Singapore-based DBS was the first bank to sign up to Contour’s beta network and completed the first fully digital Letter of Credit (LC) transaction on Contour last year. The bank has moved to Contour’s production network to offer streamlined digital LC transactions for customers, to help digitise global trade. 

Contour’s network focuses on digitising paper-based trade finance processes which can be expensive and time-consuming.

APAC is seen as a key region for digitisation of trade finance as banks and corporates seek to mitigate risk and enhance cost efficiency, including moving away from traditional paper-based LC processes.

Via Contour, which is also based in Singapore, DBS will be able to provide a fully digital end-to-end LC settlement process for customers in Australia, China, Hong Kong and Singapore, including the transfer of electronic trade and title documents – increasing efficiency in the process by up to 90%.

Digitised trade finance builds resilient ecosystem

“Our partnership with Contour aligns with DBS’ ongoing efforts to drive greater efficiencies in trade and unlock strategic value for our corporate customers,” said Sriram Muthukrishnan, Group Head of Trade Product Management, DBS Bank.

“We recognise that digitisation is a powerful enabler to simplify the highly complex nature of trade finance, especially for processes relating to letters of credit. Digitising trade processes is also an increasingly relevant and heightened priority for corporates to survive and thrive in the new normal and will form an integral component for resilient trade ecosystems of the future.”

Contour’s decentralised network increases security as it validates all identities and leverages technology partners to match trade documents to real-time data. Contour also offers a sustainable way for companies to reduce their carbon footprint.

“The addition of another major Asian bank to our production network highlights Contour’s growing presence in APAC as an industry standard for digitising trade finance documentation,” said Carl Wegner, CEO at Contour. 

“DBS has been an important partner for Contour in our work to support Singapore’s position as a key trading hub and has already participated in a number of successful transactions on our network. We’re delighted to facilitate its transition to offering live services to customers in these four markets. This is another important step on our journey to becoming the new digital end-to-end infrastructure for global trade.”

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