Get the Most Out of Google+ for Your Business

By Bizclik Editor

Written by Tina Samuels


Have you heard that your business needs to be social media aware but you just don't know? Are you wondering how to get your business ahead using Google+?

Here is everything you'll need to know to get the most out of Google+.

Set up the Account Right

Make sure you fill out your profile completely and get everything filled in, this includes the "tagline" section. You want to use good keywords in your tagline and make sure that the introduction leaves nothing to doubt that browsers have found the right page they were seeking.

Don't leave anything blank on your account, as everything you put will be scanned in and generated online. This is your one way to put your best foot forward and get everyone to know who you are.

Have Links

Many people won't use their Google+ to put links on, which is a waste of good networking.

You can list links in a special section of the "About" tab, under Links. You can put anything there, but I'd suggest your other social media site pages. This interacting of social media sites can network throughout the internet better and bring more people to you and your pages.

Keep an Eye on Notifications

You want to keep your Google+ notifications checked and filtered every time you log into the site.

One thing to always check is the "people who've added you" section to see who has added you to their circles.

You want to see if you have them in your circles and make sure you add them before they get unmanageable. When you go to filter, you are able to see posts by others and tagged photos and a host of others things. You'll find this in the "More" section.

Tag, You're It

Google+ has the ability to tag photos just like Facebook even though is isn't as easy for some.

When you open up the photo, go to the "lightbox viewing mode" and then you can add the tag. When you tag a pic you open up more people viewing it so it is a good way to help share business photos of events or great sales to get some interest generated.

Another good tag reason is so that you can help promote new products to those that have seemed interested in the past.

+1's Matter

When you +1 someone's stuff in Google+ you want it to display so set it up like that.

You'll want to go into edit profile mode in the profile section and then go to the top where it says "+1's". Click that and check the option to show this tab on your profile. That way it is shared on your profile, because the Google+ default is not to show them.

Google+ doesn't have to be confusing or strange. It can really help your business and to maintain a tie with your customers.

Get big SEO benefits with Google when you use Google+ as well. If you haven't started, get on it today.


About the Author

Tina Samuels writes on how to remove news article from Google, social media, and marketing.



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