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Google Plus was slow to build up momentum when it first came onto the social media scene in 2011. At first seen mainly as a Facebook competitor, the site had a tough time convincing users that they needed another social network. But over the past two years, G+ has picked up some steam, with many businesses starting to see the value in having a presence on the site.

Here are just a few Australian companies who have made their G+ profiles successful >>>

National Australia Bank

NAB's G+ page features frequent updates, with each post signed with the initials of the social media team member who published it. Posts on the bank's page range from instructional articles on personal finance, tips for using your NAB accounts, and bank information.

Recently, when New South Wales was hit with devastating wildfires, NAB posted information on relief efforts, including relief the bank itself was offering. NAB also provides timely replies to comments made on its page, and has built a lively, engaged following thanks to this focus on real communication.

Vodafone Australia

It's perhaps no surprise that a technology company "gets" social media, but Vodafone stands out with its fun, interactive page. Followers get regular updates on the company’s products and promotions, along with regular events.

One such event is the recent AppAid promotion, in which developers could apply to win a grant to build a mobile app for a charity.

The page features plenty of photos, along with the occasional video, and the company is prompt with replies to visitor comments. By being interactive, trendy, and responsive, Vodafone has built a healthy niche for itself on G+.

Australian Gourmet Traveller

Australian Gourmet Traveller, a food, wine, and travel magazine, offers a truly mouth-watering G+ page. Full of tasty food photos, recipes, restaurant news, and contests, the page is a haven for food lovers.

This page serves up links to the magazine's website, and offers teasers to articles. Examples of recent entries include a list of brand-new restaurants, a couple of restaurants who recently closed their doors, and a competition to win a trip to Europe.

By making their page visually appealing and sending visitors back to their main website, Australian Gourmet Traveller has turned their G+ profile into a great resource for both new and old readers.

Sydney Opera House

Without a physical product to sell, Sydney Opera House focuses on selling the experience of joining them for performances, workshops, and other events.

On their G+ page, you can find information about past and upcoming shows, live streams of concerts, and profiles of performers. They also offer descriptions of events taking place at the opera house, including the GRAPHIC festival and educational events.

These are just a few examples of Australian businesses successfully using Google Plus to promote their brands and products.

They have shown that, by educating, entertaining, and engaging with your followers, you can turn G+ into a powerful tool in your marketing kit.


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