Content Marketing: Promoting Engagement on Your Blog

By Bizclik Editor

Content marketing is one important aspect to brand recognition.

When properly used a blog can create readership and create engagement among those readers. Readers are more likely to become customers if they recognize a brand through their content and are enjoying the useful information provided by the blog or company.

But what if there is no engagement on your blog? Traffic is slow or has significantly dropped after being in place for some time. What are you doing wrong?

How can you grow the engagement on your blog so that readers enjoy your content and ultimately use your service. Remember, your business and the success of your brand depend on getting out in front of consumer eyes.

What are some reasons for low or no engagement?

There are many possibilities for lack of enthusiasm from readers.

Perhaps the content is sub par. No one wants to read blog posts that are full of mistakes. The mistakes could be grammar, spelling, or even  misinformation.

The content is not relevant to the reader. No matter what you do, if your content is not relevant to your service and your readers, traffic and engagement will suffer. One example of this would to be a carpet cleaning company that offers information on windows on their blog. While the information might be good, people reading the blog want to know about carpet care.

In an extension of the relevancy, people expect certain things from a company blog.

Represent your blog as expert information on the topic you are blogging about. Writing about pets for a pet store? Then be sure to talk about all of the topics pet lovers need to know. Casual posts are fine, but when readers ask a question be the authority on the subject that they turn to.

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Promote the blog

Promotion is key when trying to grow readership. People need to be able to find your blog. Most bloggers use social media to do this, but it is crucial to not spam followers or fans. Engage followers and fans, don't spend time only posting or tweeting links to your blog.

Social networking and media is full of marketers that are blocked by 'real' people on the networks. They do this because they hate 'spam', you'll be branded a spammer if you link to posts constantly without talking to followers or fans. In other words, don't be annoying.

Pay for promotion. Google Adwords is affordable and has a farther reach than many other advertising platforms. Avoid buying email lists and sending out marketing emails, this is something people hate. It is the reason most email providers have spam inboxes!

If you are having trouble writing the blog yourself, hire a writer. Avoid hiring the writer with the lowest quote and don't offer the lowest rate.

If you wish to have a good quality blog, you'll need a writer that can engage readers with the best writing and often the lowest price will bring you some of the lowest quality.

Remember, you get what you pay for.


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