"Vlog, don't blog" The importance of video marketing

By Bizclik Editor

Content marketing that doesn't utilize video just seems to fall flat compared to moving image marketing strategies. And, considering attention spans are getting shorter and shorter with every innovative viral sensation that hits the Internet, if your company's missing out on video in its marketing content, it's likely missing out on a huge cyber audience.

So, what are the benefits of using videos as part of your company's content marketing strategy? 

Video is growing in popularity

If you surf the Internet for different advertising and marketing campaigns, chances are you'll find videos posted in company blogs, on business homepages, and everywhere in between. Simply put, video content marketing is growing in popularity.

Text is and always will be content essential, but the marketing masses are turning to video in droves as a way to expand on their marketing efforts.

So, to avoid being left out to dry, it's wise to jump onboard the video bandwagon. Besides, the average Internet user already watches over 100 videos a month and counting.

Watch-ability outweighs readability

As stated before, online attention spans are quickly adapting to the video format, thus giving other forms of content the backseat. With video, your company can say what it wants, how it wants, with visual representation, all in one short video.

Think of it this way, with your busy schedule, would you rather read about a company for 10 minutes, or watch and experience what that company is trying to convey in a 3 minute video? Video gives your company the opportunity to expand beyond the written word and truly reach the audience.

Vlog, don't blog

Blogging is great because it gives your company an opportunity to express itself as well as inform and update online audiences - all of which are essential marketing tools.

But, with vlogging, or video blogging, incorporating videos into blog posts brings your company's online presence to a whole new level. So, instead of posting a blog about the newest line of products or the most innovative services your company has to offer, vlog instead.

Likewise, as far as customer questions go, responding in a vlog post is much more effective than just replying to a customer's comment via the written format.

Inherently compelling content

People relate to images more so than words and with video, your content marketing is already compelling because it's visual. In other words, what do you think is going to get more online traffic: a how-to article or a how-to video with step-by-step visual instructions?

Everything from demonstrations to interviews to customer testimonials to straightforward advertisements is automatically in class of their own with video. As long as you keep the video content unique and engaging, audiences will watch without even realizing they're being marketed to.

When it comes to content marketing with an undeniable impact, going the video route will take your company to new cyber-heights.


About the author

Adam Groff is a freelance writer and creator of content. He writes on a variety of topics including marketing, problems with ripoff report, and social media.


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