May 19, 2020

Amazon Shares 3 Tips for Businesses Selling Online

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Amazon Shares 3 Tips for Businesses Selling Online

With the proliferation of the internet and technology, the last decade has seen nothing short of a revolution in the way large and small businesses attract, reach and sell to potential customers. In particular, ecommerce has become an emerging sales channel with adoption in Australia increasing steadily every year. In this competitive global marketplace, it is becoming increasingly important for businesses selling online to differentiate their offering to connect with customers in a clear and attractive way. Here are a few tips to help businesses reach more customers, increase conversions and ultimately boost sales.

Offer Unique Items

Be a brand owner or offer unique items not widely available. ‘Uniqueness’ might refer to the product’s core function, its design or materials, or alternatively might point to the pricing or the story and values behind the product.  A savvy way to increase the number of items you sell is to constantly be researching and listening to customer feedback on existing products and innovate on new items to meet unfilled customer demand.  

Product Descriptions are Vital

Once you’ve decided on the items you want to sell, it’s important to establish these items key selling points with commonly used phrasing to describe the item. The product features and benefits used to describe an item will be how potential customers discover items through keyword searches via search engines. Increased product visibility will lead to more effective sales.

Sell to a Global Audience

More than 2 million businesses of all sizes are selling on Amazon to over 250 million customers worldwide. The opportunity to list products on Amazon’s local country marketplaces offers businesses access to international customers. Global selling can also help reduce seasonality by taking advantage of peak periods in other countries. Global ecommerce platforms such as Amazon can also offer logistical infrastructure such shipping networks and scalable business services. For example, Amazon Currency Converter for Sellers (ACCS) is an optional service that enables businesses that sell globally in other countries but have a bank account in Australia and New Zealand to be paid directly into their local bank account, in the local currency, to save time and eliminate the complexity of maintaining foreign back account. 

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