7 Tips to Make Your Photo Sharing Efforts Effective

By Bizclik Editor

Contributed by Jessica Sanders

Jessica Sanders is an avid small business writer touching on topics that range from social media to web design. She is a professional blogger and web content writer for Resource Nation.

Just when you thought your online B2B marketing efforts had reached their max, Instagram and Pinterest came rumbling onto the scene. While both seemed to be overnight successes, not many brands have taken their efforts to these platforms. But, considering that photos are significantly more enticing to your customers than text, it makes sense that you would also make a presence here.

However, as new platforms for marketing, you may not know how to use them in a way that is beneficial. Consider these 7 tips as you get started:

Make It Relevant

First and foremost you want all your photos to be relevant to your business, or a product or service that you offer. Customers are following you because they like your company and brand, so be sure to stick closely to that image in your photo sharing efforts.

Pin From Your Site

When pinning promotional photos, be sure to pin directly from the page. This will automatically imbed the link into the photo, making it easy to place your customers exactly where you want them to be. Use this technique when giving away promotional products – send them right to where they can retrieve it.

Utilise Smart Linking

You utilise a variety of outlets to drive traffic back to your site or products, from email marketing to social media. Photo sharing is no different.  If your customer is drawn to the photo, they are likely interested in the page you direct them to. Thus, be sure you are including a relevant link as well, instead of simply using your home page, where conversion is less likely to happen.

Don’t Over-Market Yourself

Most businesses straddle the line of over-marketing on their social networks. However, this is a dangerous method: it drives customers away, leading them to unlike your page or stop following you. Still, you stand to benefit from striking a balance between sharing your own content and that of others. For example, once you’ve re-pinned a photo, the original owner will be notified. This in turn leads to brand impressions and higher conversion rates.

Be Authoritative

Instead of simply uploading related photos, be sure to add informative text, as well. Whether it’s a tip, a piece of advice, or an answer to a FAQ about your company, this shows that you are knowledgeable on the subject of the photo. This will also add value for customers, giving them a reason to click through to your photos.

Use Compelling Photos

Pinterest, Instagram and the like are popular because of their great photographs. From mouth-watering shots of homemade cookies to trendy antique photos, people comment and engage because they are compelled to do so. Follow these trends to make the most of your sharing.

Use All Your Resources

Finally, don’t fall back on the excuse that you don’t have enough content to share. Share photos from the latest trade show, phone pictures, infographics – anything you own the rights to. Diversifying your photo sharing will allow you to appeal to more customers, making your efforts more valuable to your overall marketing plan. 


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