Huawei and UnionPay launch Huawei Pay in Thailand

By William Girling
Huawei Mobile Services, in conjunction with UnionPay, has reportedly launched its Huawei Pay mobile payments service in Thailand...

Huawei Mobile Services, in conjunction with UnionPay, has reportedly launched its Huawei Pay mobile payments service in Thailand.

A cashless and contactless tool for all users with a Huawei smartphone, Huawei Pay has been embraced by the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Thai) Public Company Limited as the country’s first accepting bank.

Although a new development for the Thai market, the service has existed elsewhere since 2016 as an extension of the Huawei Wallet.

Shane Shan, Director of Huawei Asia Pacific Consumer Cloud Service, stated that the company was glad to finally bring the ease and convenience of cashless, contactless payments to a new country:

"We are pleased to extend our partnership with UnionPay and Industrial and Commercial Bank of China to introduce Huawei Pay to the Thailand market. With Huawei Pay, users can turn their devices into an e-wallet to enjoy secure, easy and convenient payment experience.

Payments against COVID-19

UnionPay’s partnership with Huawei may be indicative of its overarching focus of combatting the spread of COVID-19 by encouraging contactless and online payment solutions.

In a press release published at the height of the pandemic, UnionPay stated that it was “collaborating with many local banks around the world [...] to increase availability and awareness of online checkout services in order to step up global adoption.”

Stating that 20mn online merchant currently accepted their service in over 200 countries and regions, the company noted that interest in online payments had spiked by 20% worldwide (with a 70% increase in the US and a 100% increase in Japan).

“A growing number of these online transactions include paying for products, services and medicines that customers would normally purchase in person, but cannot due to quarantine or social distancing restrictions,” the company said.

Subsequently, UnionPay has partnered with institutions in Europe, Asia and the Middle East, to name a few, in order to implement the changes it sees as essential to both the customer’s wellbeing and overall experience.


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