VIDEO: CEO Of Temando Wins EY Entrepreneur Award For Northern Region

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To continue our focus on the regional winners of the Ernst Young Entrepreneur of the Year award, we look to the north. Carl Hartmann, CEO and co-founder of Temando, is next on our list.

Temando (“I send to you” in Spanish) is a delivery management platform that gives merchants an opportunity to connect with carriers. One of the biggest hurdles for businesses is getting its supply chain running smoothly. The company began trading in 2009, and since then has acquired 40,000 registered users. Temando has experienced close to 800 percent revenue growth in the last three years—no wonder Carl Hartmann is an Entrepreneur of the Year.

Hartmann is the CEO and co-founder of Temando. He’s one of Australia’s leading ecommerce business minds, with a background in consumer-goods retail and a variety of previous key business development and commercialization roles previously.

Hartmann’s goal with Temando is to connect any kind of merchant to any kind of carrier.

“We’ve had to build something from the ground up that can work with every different shipping provider from a large multinational all the way down to two men in a van,” he said in his spotlight for Ernst Young. “When you build a solution collaboratively with a customer and solve a problem, naturally, all the other customers who have the same problem want to use the same solution.”

By providing a comprehensive network and a team to provide solutions to practically any problem their customers come to them with, Temando has been able to grow tremendously under Hartmann’s knowledge and leadership. One of the keys to continued growth, said Hartmann, was the ability to find high-quality talent.

“Being able to find bright talent, particularly in the market where there’s a lot of competition for it, you’ve got to be able to find people, inspire them, and create a shared vision and bring them along on your journey.”

Congratulations to Carl and the team at Temando.

Other winners in the Northern Region include Maxine Horne of Vita Group, Philip St Baker of ERM Power Limited, Geoff Pike of General Trade Industries, Jean Madden of Street Swags and Tim Crommelin of Morgans.


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