Lion: leading the switch to carbon-neutral brewing

By Allen Jack

In a display of industry leadership, beverage giant Lion has stated that it wants to become Australia’s first zero-emissions brewery.

The company has pledged to meet this target according to the Australian Government’s official certification (Climate Active), one of the most rigorous and exacting accreditations currently on offer to businesses. 

“Lion has established a ‘whole brewery’ carbon reduction approach across its portfolio, including energy efficiency, biogas utilisation, rooftop solar, renewable energy power purchase agreements (PPAs) through to providing brewers grain to reduce livestock emissions,” said Stuart Irvine, CEO. 

Originally setting a target to reduce CO2 by 30% by 2025, the company has stepped up its efforts to make it 100% by the same year.

“Speed is of the essence in stabilising the climate. That’s why, next year, we’re effectively throwing a safety net over our remaining operational CO2 footprint - giving consumers the confidence that our Australasian beers will be produced in carbon-neutral breweries,” Irvine stated.


The company estimates that 107,000 tonnes of carbon will be negated by the end of 2020; a strong statement to the industry and one which is very likely to be noticed by competitors, which Irvine hopes will encourage them to do likewise.

“Businesses can help drive change by undertaking Climate Active certification, signalling a commitment to an environmentally-sustainable future to consumers.”

“Lion’s announcement that it will seek to be carbon neutral certified underlines the credibility of Climate Active and will hopefully inspire other businesses to follow their lead and become carbon neutral certified,” he said.

Roaring into the UK market

In addition to its recent sustainability efforts, Lion, one of the largest breweries operating in Australia and New Zealand, has taken a step forwards into the UK market with a series of acquisitions. 

Having acquired Fourpure Brewing Co and Magic Rock - based in London and Huddersfield respectively - the company has now announced the creation of UK craft beer division ‘Little World Beverages’.

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